Summer Bug Bites! Protect Your Skin, Stop The Itch And Prevent Bug Bites With This…

Stop and think before you spray your kids with just any bug repellent.  8 year old Joey says this product stops the bug bite itch and keeps the bugs away.  Joey wakes up in the middle of the night and rolls on a formula of Repellent Blend  and Fractionated Coconut oil to stop the annoying itch after already being bitten.  Store bought bug sprays can be toxic.  Not knowing what you are putting on your skin can harm you.  Try this alternative for a healthier way to keep the bugs away!


  • For a more potent blend add Patchouli oil to the mixture 1/4 parts each oil, 1/2 parts Fractionated Coconut oil.  This will add a more floral fragrance and will for sure keep the bests away.
  • Apply one drop of Repellent Blend directly to the wrists, ankles, neck areas to repel the bugs.  It is not necessary to dilute this essential oil, repellent blend or Patchouli oil.

Want to know more about the Repellent Blend?

  • The mixture of oils that are gathered in this particular blend are also known to keep ticks away and therefore help keep Lymes disease away that the ticks may be carrying.
  • Planning an out door activity, Place oil on a cotton ball or directly on small rock and put around the yard where you will be hanging out.
  • Mix a few drops in a spray bottle with water and spray around windows, doorways and screened in patios to keep the bugs outside.

For More Information email healthiergreenliving@yahoo.com

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