Shake For Breakfast? Start Your Day With Ingredients Your Body Needs

Start your day right with this 3 minute meal.  This shake has everything you need to be healthier and have more energy all day long.  The optional added Fiber and Protein will help keep your hunger more satisfied and keep you fuller longer.  The first Meal of the day should be about Calories.  Take in the most calories earlier in the day for better energy and to help increase your metabolism to be stronger and last longer for the rest of the day’s challenges.

Ingredients: (click the links below for more info, and follow the proper serving information on each product container).

  •  8-10 oz. Water (Cold for better taste, or 4 Ice cubes (if water is room temperature).
  • Meal replacement Shake Powder.
  • Powdered Greens.
  • Powdered Fruits.
  • Powdered Fiber.
  • (optional extra Protein Powder).
  • (optional Oat Meal, whole oats (preferred for added health benefits).
  • (optional 1 Frozen Banana (Only use 1/2 for weight watching or high blood sugar).
  • (optional 1 tbs Peanut butter, (for weight gain).

Pour Water into Blender cup or blender.  Combine all other ingredients desired.  Shake and Blend well.  Drink to your health.  Enjoy!

Click the links below for the recommended product choices.

(Kosher Products also available, copy and past the link below to see Kosher shakes).

For more information visit:

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