Bacon Date

Dates are a Super Food.  They are packed with nutrition.  These smart snacks are great to eat for breakfast or serve at a party.  The flavors caramelize together and taste like candy.  Bacon covered dates are a good snack but be sure to choose the right bacon because some bacon contains Sodium Nitrates.  Pure sodium nitrate is sometimes used to control wild hog populations by putting it in feeders to kill them by restricting blood vessels and cutting off the oxygen supply to their brains.  This could possibly be why some people may get head related aches after eating foods with this ingredient.  Look for nitrate free bacon, such as Applegate Naturals brand.   Always read the ingredients on the label to be sure.


  • 1 pack bacon (Applegate Naturals Brand)
  • 15 or more dry pitted dates,  (3 dates per 1 piece of bacon)

(Look for ingredients at your local wholesale clubs,  such as Mariani Premium products for seasonal Dried Fruits and Applegate Naturals Brand)

Cut 5 or more bacon strips in thirds.  Use 1/3 bacon piece for 1 date.  Each pitted dates has a seam.  Place 1 cut piece of bacon end in the seam as far as it will fit, press firmly.  Wrap bacon around the date and press down firmly on cookie sheet with end of bacon on bottom.  Use toaster oven size cookie sheet for smaller batch, larger sheet for oven.  After all dates have been wrapped in bacon follow the proper cooking instructions:

  • Toaster Oven 400 degrees for 20 min., then 5 min. on broil to crisp the tops.
  • Regular Oven is good for larger amounts.  Preheat oven 350, bake for 20 min., then 5 min. on broil to crisp the tops. Enjoy! place leftovers in container and store in refrigerator, reheat in oven when you want to enjoy a crisp snack with bacon!


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