Oregano To The Rescue

Ancient Greece was the first to use Oregano oil for medicinal purposes.  This oil was perhaps the first medicinal antibiotic used in ancient times.  The word Oregano in Greece means the “joy of the mountains.” They used this oil as an immune stimulant and also for a powerful antioxidant. They also recognized this oil for its antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal,

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Bacon Date

Dates are a Super Food.  They are packed with nutrition.  These smart snacks are great to eat for breakfast or serve at a party.  The flavors caramelize together and taste like candy.  Bacon covered dates are a good snack but be sure to choose the right bacon because some bacon contains Sodium Nitrates.  Pure sodium nitrate is

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Turn Back Thyme

Historically, Thyme has been known to have beneficial effects on the immune system.  Thyme may reduce cancer related cells found in some of our bodies.  Some European cultures use Thyme to fight against infectious illnesses.  They also mix Thyme in their olive oils when cooking to create a healthier meal. Historical Medicinal Uses that were believed to possibly help in the

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